Dr. Grant Hinze

While bad breath may sometimes be just a minor inconvenience, other times it may indicate a serious dental or health issue that needs to be addressed.

Bad breath or halitosis may sometimes be caused by a dry mouth or eating strongly-favored foods, which wouldn’t require medical attention.

But Dr. Grant Hinze said other times, bad breath may indicate a problem that needs to be treated right away by a dentist or medical doctor, such as tooth decay, an infection in the airways or regurgitation problems.

Often times, a regular visit to the dentist can identify these problems before they become emergencies or cause permanent damage.

When a tooth is decaying or abscessed, it may cause an odor, Dr. Hinze said. This needs to be treated by a dentist right away so the decay doesn’t worsen and develop into a more serious problem for the patient.

Bad breath may also be caused by a cold or other infection in the airways. If the bad breath disappears after the cold has improved, then no action is needed. However, if the bad breath continues, it may signal an infection that needs to be treated by a medical doctor.

Food regurgitation may be another cause of bad breath. Cavities that appear on the sides of teeth give dentists a clue that the patient may have regurgitation problems. Or, if the top pallet of the mouth is red, that may also give dentists a sign that a patient needs medical care. Dr. Hinze said untreated regurgitation problems can damage the esophagus.

Regular brushing and flossing may often prevent bad breath. But if bad breath continues even after proper care, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hinze today to find a solution.

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