Patients who suffer from headaches, acid reflux, sleep apnea and joint problems in the mouth may not realize how dental work could help alleviate those problems.

“When people think of those things, sometimes they don’t always think it could be because of issues with the teeth or mouth,” Dr. Grant Hinze said.

For instance, if the front teeth don’t align properly on a patient’s bite, it could force the tongue back causing sleep apnea and acid reflux. Others may suffer from headaches due to bite and joint issues.

Dr. Hinze is attending a series of workshops this year to learn the latest research and treatment options for bite and joint problems and how those problems impact overall health.

Solutions to these problems may be simple or complex. Here are some options:

  1. Nighttime joint therapy. This involves creating a customized mouth guard to help the joints function better.
  2. Building up worn-down teeth. Building teeth back up to a proper bite with composites or crowns is more than just cosmetic. It can also prevent bite problems.
  3. Orthodontic work. Braces can help move the teeth into a better position to align the front teeth and prevent overcrowding the tongue.

These procedures can help realign the bite to provide proper air movement and prevent and treat some health conditions.

“I see these problems day in and day out,” Dr. Hinze said. “I’m happy to be learning about new procedures and tools to help patients overcome these problems.”

Dr. Hinze will continue his training in August, October and November.

For more information about solutions to bite and joint issues, please call Dr. Hinze’s office at (308) 995-5331.