Much like receding hairlines, not much can be done with receding gum lines once the disease has progressed past a certain point.

However, unlike receding hairlines, patients can prevent receding gum lines most of the time with proper dental care.

“The key to curing receding gum lines is preventative care,” Dr. Grant Hinze said. “It starts with proper brushing and flossing and regular check-up to have teeth cleaned and to catch any problems before they are out of control.”

Three factors contribute to receding gum lines:

  1. Aging
  2. Gingivitis
  3. Brushing too forceful or with the wrong toothbrush

The signs of gingivitis include bleeding, inflamed and red gums, bad breath or loose teeth.

When these signs are taken care of right away with a trip to the dentist, preventative action can still save the gums. A dental hygienist can clean the roots and gums and visit with the patient about proper teeth and gum line care. Still, it is up to the patient to follow through.

If the patient does not follow through, or the disease has progressed too far, Dr. Hinze can perform grafting. That involves removing gum tissue from the back of the mouth and attaching it to the front of the mouth. Or, he will send patients to a periodontist for further treatment.

If the gum line can’t be saved, dentures (false teeth) may be the only solution.

Another cause of receding gums that can be prevented is proper tooth brushing. Dr. Hinze said patients who use a stiff-bristled brush and brush side to side can wear away at the gum line over the years. He recommends a soft-bristled toothbrush and a circular brushing motion.

Dr. Hinze said receding gum lines are far too common. While most of his patients take great care of their teeth, he still sees about 15 percent of patients with receding gums that could be prevented.

“Everything about dentistry is about cleaning,” he said. “Preventing diseases from progressing requires dedication to proper dental hygiene.”

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