Why Do My Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?

Tooth around root

It’s ironic that wisdom teeth would erupt in the mouth at the same time that teenagers are also full of wisdom – between the ages 14-18! Putting teen jokes aside, it is important to carefully watch the growth of wisdom teeth (or third molars) during that time

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Dr. Hinze Announces New Trinia® Dentures Option

In March, Dr. Hinze attended a training conference in Boston to learn more about a new form of dentures that are made with Trinia®, a light-weight, durable, biocompatible and adjustable material. Dr. Hinze said the Trinia® fiber-reinforced non-metal material used to make these new dentures is the

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What You Need to Know About Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer

With more than 40 years of dentistry experience, Dr. Grant Hinze has treated a variety of dental and oral issues. Cancer is one of those. Dr. Hinze noticed oral cancer in a patient just a few weeks ago. A few years ago, he saw three patients all

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Can Snoring Solutions be Found at the Dentist?

Snoring occurs when the body is relaxed while sleeping, and the soft pallet relaxes onto the airways in the back of the mouth. This constricts the airway and causes a noise when the person breathes. The problem can be disruptive to the health of the person who

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Bad Breath Symptoms That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Dr. Grant Hinze While bad breath may sometimes be just a minor inconvenience, other times it may indicate a serious dental or health issue that needs to be addressed. Bad breath or halitosis may sometimes be caused by a dry mouth or eating strongly-favored foods, which wouldn’t

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Making Smiles More Attractive

Hi Friends, I enjoyed another weekend learning as I traveled to San Jose, Calif., in February. I met up with some friends from Houston, Seattle and of course around the immediate area of Silicon Valley. Dr. Wier of Columbus, Ohio, gave us a lot of information about

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Halloween at the dentist!

Halloween Candy

As Halloween approaches and all that sugary candy tempts kids and adults alike, Dr. Grant Hinze has some great advice to enjoy the fun but save teeth from decay at the same time. Grant said he allowed his four children, who are all adults now, to enjoy the

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