You may remember to brush your teeth each day, but did you remember to brush your tongue?

Keeping the tongue clean and free of bacteria is good for overall health.

“We should brush and take care of our tongue just like we do our teeth,” Dr. Hinze said.

Although you could purchase a fancy tongue scraper, Dr. Hinze recommends simply brushing your tongue with your toothbrush.

Common tongue ailments can include:

  1. Swollen tongue, which could be a sign of food allergies or other health issues;
  2. A tongue with scallops along the edges, which could be a sign of clenching teeth at night and possibly sleep apnea;
  3. Bad breath, which can sometimes be caused by bacteria that has built up on the tongue.

Dr. Hinze said that at times, the tongue can actually cause problems with the teeth. A tongue that constantly pushes forward in the mouth could actually move the teeth forward. If that happens, Dr. Hinze said the tongue can be “retrained” by placing “reminders” on the back of the teeth.

It’s important to remember the tongue as part of an overall oral health routine. Major changes to tongue color, cracks or bumps forming on the tongue or other changes could indicate health problems and should be discussed with Dr. Hinze or your family doctor as soon as possible.

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