October is full of frightful and spooky activities, but the dentist’s office shouldn’t be one of them.

Dental phobias and fear of going to the dentist happen to both children and adults. But, the staff at Grant Hinze DDS is here to make your visit as fearless as possible.

Dr. Hinze said he encourages parents with young children who have dental fears to come into the exam room with their children. Having mom or dad present can alleviate many fears.

It’s important for adults to reflect a positive attitude toward their own visits to the dentist to prevent children from forming fears. Avoid using words like hurt or pain when talking about a trip to the dentist.

For adults with dental phobias, it can help to bring a friend or spouse to the appointment.

Often a patient will fear shots or major dental work.

But, Dr. Hinze said after he explains that he can use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and the smallest needle available, that information often calms fears.

Patients who are fearful of the dentist should let the staff know about their fears so they can thoroughly explain each step of a dental procedure and what the patient will feel during each step.

“If you are frightened, we will work with you,” Dr. Hinze said. “Often just explaining what we are doing in detail helps most people.”

The staff at Grant Hinze Dentistry has also encountered patients who are embarrassed to have someone look inside their mouths, but they want to remind patients that they are there to help and not to judge.

“We see it so much every day,” Dr. Hinze said.

Delaying dental work because of fear can often lead to more complex and painful problems.

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