In March, Dr. Hinze attended a training conference in Boston to learn more about a new form of dentures that are made with Trinia®, a light-weight, durable, biocompatible and adjustable material.

Dr. Hinze said the Trinia® fiber-reinforced non-metal material used to make these new dentures is the same material that is used to make the wings of airplanes more flexible and durable. It provides a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to using metal. He has been watching and learning about this new denture material for the past five years.

“Now, I’m excited enough to present it to my patients,” he said. “This changes everything.”

Dr. Hinze said these new dentures are less invasive and are more functional. They also require fewer implants and less grafting. The dentures are attached using shorter Bicon implants. The dentures also are smaller and eliminate excess flange that extends from the dentures over the gum line.

He recommends any patients who are considering dentures or those who need updated dentures to consider this new option.

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