“How can I get my teeth whiter?” is a common question asked by Dr. Hinze’s patients.

The first step, Dr. Hinze said, is to avoid many of the dark-colored beverages that darken teeth, such as sodas, tea and coffee.

“All the wonderful things we enjoy in life – these really stain the teeth,” Dr. Hinze said.

And, smoking also darkens teeth and should be avoided.

Dr. Hinze said genetics also play a role in teeth brightness.

But, if teeth are already stained, Dr. Hinze said the least costly step would be to purchase whitening toothpaste and over-the-counter whitening strips. Dr. Hinze recommends Crest whitening strips. If those don’t achieve the desired results, a higher-concentrated whitener can be purchased at Dr. Hinze’s office.

The second step, if you desire more whitening, would be to schedule a laser whitening procedure at the office. This works especially well if there’s tooth trauma that has caused a light or dark spot on a certain tooth or teeth. After the laser treatment, whitening would need to be maintained with whitening strips.

The third step would be internal bleaching, crowns or veneers, which are all services that Dr. Hinze offers. The whitening procedures start at $500 and must be maintained to preserve the brightness.

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