Did you know there is a national Toothache Day? It falls on February 9 each year, and it gives us the perfect opportunity to emphasize the importance of preventative dental care to avoid those painful toothaches.

Toothaches are often caused by injury or trauma to the tooth or by bacteria that infects the “pulp” of the tooth.

“If it starts to hurt, it’s getting a little too late to repair it simply,” Dr. Hinze said.

In the case of bacteria, the tooth pain is caused by an infection that has moved to the nerve endings in the tooth.

Once the interior pulp of the tooth is injured, it will likely require a tooth extraction or a root canal, which involves taking out the core of the tooth and replacing it with other material.

“You get rid of the nerves in the tooth, but the tooth is still in place and functional,” Dr. Hinze said of the root canal procedure.

Dr. Hinze said regular visits to the dentist can often prevent painful toothaches because the problem is caught earlier when there are more treatment options.

If a tooth becomes “hot sensitive,” that can also indicate an infection inside the tooth, and you should seek treatment right away.

It’s also a good idea to monitor tooth injuries that happened years ago. If a tooth is injured due to a collision in a baseball or soccer game, toothaches could emerge years later.

Dr. Hinze said unfortunately, he performs root canals every week and sometimes more than once a day.

The best way to avoid painful toothaches and root canals is to schedule regular preventative dental check-ups. To schedule your appointment, call Dr. Hinze and his staff today at (308) 995-5331.