While attending a dental conference in late August, Dr. Grant Hinze noticed floaters or lights flashing in his left eye.

That following Monday, he called Holdrege Family Vision to get his eye checked. And, it’s a good thing he did.

After an exam by Dr. Brett Hytrek, Dr. Hinze was diagnosed with a tear in his retina. A tear that is not treated quickly could cause retinal detachment and severe loss of vision. So, Dr. Hinze was scheduled to have the tear fixed the next day in Hastings by Dr. John Welch.

“I feel lucky that in less than 24 hours, I was able to have the tear fixed,” Dr. Hinze said. “I’m just excited that he was able to get it taken care of in such a timely fashion.”

Just like problems with the mouth, Dr. Hinze said the eyes need timely preventative treatment as well.

“If you have anything strange going on with your eyes, get it checked,” he said.

He encourages anyone who sees floaters or lights flashing in the eyes to seek medical attention right away.

Because of the timely treatment, Dr. Hinze only missed one afternoon of work during the time his eye was being treated.

However, he did have to refrain from lifting weights or vigorous exercise for three weeks, which prevented him from participating in the Don Sjogren YMCA’s new CrossFit Motivate classes.

“That was hard to miss my morning workout,” Dr. Hinze said. “I’m glad to be able to get back to my healthy morning routine.”