Five Ways To Ruin Your Teeth
(From A Dentist With 40 Years of Experience)

Dr. Hinze has been brightening smiles in Holdrege for 40 years now! He has seen a lot of teeth during those 40 years and can answer without hesitation the top ways that patients ruin their teeth and end up in his office for problems instead of prevention.

  1. Soda pop. Hinze sees kids at convenience stories on his way to work in the mornings eating sugary donuts and drinking from large plastic cups that are most likely filled with pop. It’s those kids who will be in his office in a few short years with serious dental decay.

The acid in pop slowly eats away at the tooth’s enamel making it easier for decay to set in.

“Of course for the dentist, that’s the low-lying fruit,” Dr. Hinze said. “But that can all be prevented.”

Dr. Hinze recommends avoiding pop except for special occasions or holidays.

  1. Smoking. Most people are aware that smoking can damage lungs. But, did you know that smoking can also harm your teeth? It can discolor teeth, cause fowl breath and increase chances of oral cancer.
  1. Frequent Sugar Intake. Just like pop, constantly coating the teeth with a steady stream of sugar throughout the day also leads to tooth decay.

“I think kids should just listen to their moms and dads who discipline them to take proper care of their teeth,” Dr. Hinze said.

  1. Won’t Happen To Me Apathy. Hinze said many patients avoid caring for their teeth properly (flossing, brushing, avoiding excessive sugar, etc.) because they think that dental problems won’t happen to them. But, eventually, it all catches up.

“It’s all about perseverance and discipline,” Dr. Hinze said about caring for your teeth.

  1. Para-Functional Problems. Hinze said para-functional problems are habits that patients have that eventually harm the teeth. These habits may include grinding or clenching teeth. Often, patients won’t even realize they have these habits, but regular check-ups with the dentist can identify and help correct these habits before they worsen.