By Dr. Grant Hinze

There are so many exciting ideas coming to dentistry!

In mid-March, Dr. Steve (my big brother) and I spent three cold days in Buffalo, NY, studying the Shatkin one-piece dental implant system.

Although I’ve used a similar system for nearly 10 years, I now have the opinion that these dental mini implants could possibly revolutionize dentistry. They make implant procedures less invasive, less painful and require fewer visits to the dentist, making it more affordable. While regular implants would often require four visits over three months, the Shatkin implant may require just two visits.

I was so excited, I could hardly sleep after learning this!

Also, we studied the chairside technique of producing graft materials from the patient’s own blood. The natural fibrin (rich in platelets, growth factor and cytokines) is extracted by centrifuge from a sample of the patient’s blood. This produces rapid healing without chemicals or animal thrombin additives.

This is definitely the most educational seminar I’ve attended.

I will be excited to start offering this new dental implant method later this year.