Halloween Candy

As Halloween approaches and all that sugary candy tempts kids and adults alike, Dr. Grant Hinze has some great advice to enjoy the fun but save teeth from decay at the same time.

Grant said he allowed his four children, who are all adults now, to enjoy the fun of Halloween and the candy. But, just for one day.

“We let our children eat their fill at one time, and then it was a good time for that candy to disappear,” Grant said. “There’s probably bags of it buried in the back yard,” Grant said.

Grant said the worst thing kids or adults can do for their teeth is to graze and snack on candy throughout the day because the teeth are constantly covered in sugar. He said drinking a glass of water after snacking can help wash away the sugar, and of course, brushing daily also keeps the cavities away.

Here’s some other options for disposing of extra candy:

  • Make treat bags for the mailman, trash man or other service providers.
  • Send the treats overseas to military service men or women.
  • Kids could use the candy for science experiments.
  • Freeze the candy and save it for holiday baking.