We’ve all heard of smartphones and smart TVs, but did you know about the new smart toothbrush?

Oral B has created a rechargeable Bluetooth toothbrush that includes artificial intelligence to recognize brushing habits.

The Genius X toothbrush connects with a smartphone app that will tell you how well you are brushing your teeth. If you miss a few spots, the app will let you know where you need to brush better. The toothbrush has a pressure sensor that alerts you if you are brushing too hard and will pause brushing until it’s corrected.

Dr. Grant Hinze recommends the smart toothbrush especially for teens with braces. Parents can download the Oral-B toothbrush app and see if their teen brushed that day and how well. Improper brushing or lack of brushing with braces can cause permanent stains on the teeth. It’s wise to protect the investment in braces with proper brushing.

Of course, the new smart toothbrush works well for people of any age wanting to improve their brushing habits.

Other features of the smart toothbrush include:

  • More than two weeks of battery life.
  • A dental-professional inspired round head.
  • A two-minute timer.
  • Six cleaning modes.
  • Replacement brushes and accessories can be purchased at any general merchandise store.

Oral-B has also created a children’s version of the rechargeable product featuring Disney-themed toothbrushes like The Little Mermaid and Lightning McQueen from Cars. The product features a ‘magic timer,’ which encourages kids to brush longer.

Both of these products are available only through professional dental offices. Stop in and visit us today at Grant Hinze DDS to learn more about these new technologies in dental care.