Hi Friends,

I enjoyed another weekend learning as I traveled to San Jose, Calif., in February. I met up with some friends from Houston, Seattle and of course around the immediate area of Silicon Valley.

Dr. Wier of Columbus, Ohio, gave us a lot of information about vertical dimensions — how long a face looks, how much of the smile shows through the envelope of the mouth, maybe too much of the teeth show or even too little show! There’s has been a lot of research in discovering what makes the smile attractive, and empirical and measurable data have been compiled.



Notice how the dental work not only straightened the teeth but also changed how much of the gum line shows in the smile.


Also, techniques have changed. We have been using wire with big loops in the past. However, now it is known that it has a large relapse probability in the future after the ortho is finished. He lectured a lot on atypical odontalgia, a situation when a patient has an unexplained toothache, and also about protocols to treat and diagnose various types of TMJ or TMD or TMJD, which are conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in the jaw joint and muscles.


Headaches and toothaches disappeared with the help of dental work.


Also, the software is improving all the time. It takes time and study to get compatible with these new programs and measurements, but I’m working on it.

Dr. Grant Hinze, DDS