We enjoyed a week-long trip in late October/early November to meet our sixth grandchild, James Benedict.

James, who was born Sept. 20, lives in Washington, DC, with his parents, Janelle (our daughter) and her husband, James.

Janelle and James were happy to have us there so they could work and run errands while knowing that little JB was getting spoiled by grandma and grandpa. We enjoyed reading him books, taking naps with him and listening to him trying to talk to us already!

I know we are a little biased, but he was perfect!

Although we were in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our nation’s capital, we avoided touring and sightseeing this trip so we could enjoy the short time with our new grandson.

We enjoyed our time visiting JB and his parents, but we were also glad to be back home where life moves at a little slower pace.

We love all of our grandchildren dearly and are looking forward to upcoming holiday fun with them!