Restoring a proper vertical bite in patients can solve several issues like snoring, low oxygen levels while sleeping and waking up with headaches or neck pain.

Dr. Grant Hinze has recently attended workshops focusing specifically on these issues and how to best help patients solve these problems.

“If we can get the proper bite returned, the probability of problems decreases for patients,” Dr. Hinze said.

Bite problems can occur when a patient grinds his or her teeth and wears the teeth down or loses teeth due to periodontal disease forcing the teeth to tip sideways.

Dr. Hinze explained that when teeth are worn down, it causes the bite to collapse. When that happens, the tongue is forced farther back into the throat, which collapses the airways and causes:

  1. Snoring
  2. Lack of proper oxygen while sleeping
  3. Interrupted REM sleep
  4. Morning Headaches
  5. Neck pain near the base of the skull

Dr. Hinze can repair a patient’s vertical bite by building up the teeth first with composite and then more permanently with crowns.

Through X-rays, studying the patient’s face size and type, and taking into account teeth size averages, Dr. Hinze can rebuild the teeth and create a proper bite.

“If the teeth are the right size and shape, the proper function will follow,” Dr. Hinze said. “Function follows form when it comes to teeth.”

If you or anyone in your family is experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact Dr. Hinze today (308-995-5331) for an appointment. Dentistry can help restore your sleep and help you return to living life more fully!