When you think of braces, the image of an awkward teenager with a mouthful of metal may come to mind.

But, getting braces as an adult is also common and is oftentimes more successful.

“Adults make great patients for braces because they follow directions and keep their teeth clean!” Dr. HInze said. “Plus, they are probably paying the bill so they work harder to make sure it’s successful.”

Dr. Hinze said that teeth continue to move throughout a person’s life. Teeth that were corrected with braces as a teenager may move again. Or, some adults never had the opportunity to have crooked teeth straightened when they were younger.

If a tooth just needs to be rotated, or minor straightening or alignment is needed, Invisalign® or Clear Correct braces may be the best option. The straightening process for ClearCorrect involves a series of clear trays that fit over the teeth and gradually straighten or align them. The trays are connected to small clips attached to the teeth to keep them in place.

However, if the teeth are badly aligned and require more in-depth straightening, then regular braces are recommended.

Dr. Hinze said it takes 25-30 percent longer to move teeth in adults than in youth, so adults should be prepared to wear braces for a longer amount of time.

It is often worth the time for adults to invest in straightening teeth because it can help improve confidence (more smiling), make chewing easier and prevent tooth injury and bad breath.

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