Child at Dentist

Are you looking for an effective way to help your kids prevent cavities?

Dental sealants may be the answer.

“Sealants are an excellent preventative tool,” Dr. Hinze said.

Dental sealants are a protective coating painted on teeth that work to prevent decay, especially in molars.

Dr. Hinze said he recommends sealants when he sees a child’s tooth that contains a deep pit. The pits become hard-to-clean areas, especially for kids.

“It’s the hardest place to clean out,” Dr. Hinze said. “Young people are kind of hard to motivate to take care of their teeth anyway. Sealants can save a lot of problems.”

He estimates that nearly half of all children would benefit from sealants.

Sealants are commonly needed for first-year molars, which develop around age 6, and second-year molars, which develop at age 12. Sometimes, sealants are also needed for bicuspids, which are the premolar teeth.

Dr. Hinze said the process of putting on sealants takes less than five minutes. First, the tooth is cleaned and dried and then acid is applied to roughen up the tooth so the sealant can stick. Sealant is then painted onto the tooth enamel, and it bonds and hardens.

The other good news is that most insurance companies and government health care programs cover the cost of sealants because they are so effective, Dr. Hinze said.

The sealants should last forever, but sometimes they may have to be replaced.

While dental sealants are mainly recommended for children, adults may request them as well.

For more information about dental sealants or other dental questions, please contact Dr. Grant Hinze or his staff at (308) 995-5331.