Have you ever wondered what kind of toothpaste your dentist uses?

In this month’s blog, Dr. Hinze shares his favorite dental products along with a few of his favorite “other” things.


When it comes to toothpaste, Dr. Hinze said the most important ingredient to look for is fluoride. There are two types of fluoride commonly found in toothpaste; stannous fluoride and sodium fluoride.

Dr. Hinze recommends stannous fluoride as it offers the best protection against cavities, reduces plaque buildup and strengthens tooth enamel.

Many types of toothpaste and mouthwash contain stannous fluoride. Dr. Hinze prefers Crest.


Dr. Hinze prefers a soft-bristled toothbrush because it won’t tear away the gum line as some hard-bristled brushes can. He prefers a smaller toothbrush that can clean all the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.


Dr. Hinze knows the importance of flossing teeth, and he sees each day what can happen to people who don’t floss.

When he flosses, Dr. Hinze likes to use ribbon floss, which is flatter almost like tape. Materials used in ribbon string make flossing smoother, and the floss easily slips through the teeth without shredding.

Outside of dental care, Dr. Hinze has a few other favorite things:

Food: Pizza (hamburger or Canadian bacon)

Book: “As a Man Thinketh” (The Wisdom of James Allen) This book was written in 1902 and shows the power of harnessing positive thinking. Dr.  Hinze was required to read this book for an upcoming class he is taking.

Dr. Hinze said he prefers watching the History Channel or science or comedy shows (“The Office” is his favorite) over reading books in his spare time.

Exercise: Although Dr. Hinze does not like exercise, he faithfully exercises every morning (five times a week) to stay healthy. Last year, he performed 9,000 burpees (about 30 each day).

“Sometimes you have to do hard things in life,” Dr. Hinze said about the burpees.