Two volunteers who could benefit from dental implants are needed as part of a continuing education class for Grant Hinze and his staff.

In late November, Dr. Hinze and his staff attended an all-day workshop in Kearney to stay up to date on the latest in the dental industry, including dental implants.

Dr. Zola Makrauer, a dentist from Pennsylvania, led the workshop.

Dusk Westerbuhr, a dental assistant for Dr. Hinze, said the workshop was well worth her time, and she was grateful for what she learned.

Dusk said Dr. Makrauer discussed improving communication, patient demographics and working as a team to create long-term dental plans for patients.

“I just started thinking about all the people we see and how important it is to look at the entire mouth and not just the one problem they might come in for,” Dusk said.

Instead of focusing on just the present problem, Dusk said the workshop encouraged her to think about how a long-term plan could cut back on costs and the amount of time a patient spends at the dentist.

“Restoring all those teeth may seem like a lot of money upfront, but it’s more effective in the long run,” she said.

Dusk said installing lower implants is a common procedure at Dr. Hinze’s office when patients have missing teeth. Implants also are effective for people with dentures.

“A denture retainer held by implants is a game-changer for patients,” Dr. Hinze said.

At restaurants, people with dentures typically order what they CAN eat instead of what they want to eat. Dentures held in place by dental implants allow them to eat mostly whatever they want.

As part of a continuing education program associated with this workshop, Dr. Hinze is seeking two patients who would benefit from dental implants for case studies.

They must be willing to share their health and medical history and have an X-ray and CT scan of the teeth. A treatment plan will be developed for these two patients and will be presented at a January workshop. There is no up-front cost for the patients to participate in the case study. However, if the patients choose to go forward with the treatment plan, normal dental costs would apply.

Dr. Hinze values ongoing learning and education and attends several workshops each year.

It’s like Albert Einstein once said, “Education is not viewed in learning facts, but training the mind to think.”

If you would like to volunteer for the case study, please contact Dr. Hinze or his staff at (308) 995-5331.