This spring, we implemented two new systems: one designed to improve patient communications and the other to accelerate insurance claims and preauthorization processes.

If you have recently visited us for an appointment, you are aware of our new automated reminder calls.

Two days before your appointment, you will now receive a computer-automated reminder call from our office’s phone number. Patients with cell phone numbers on file will receive a text as well.

This new technology saves staff time and decreases “no shows” due to patients forgetting about their appointments.

We’ve heard many compliments from patients who are happy to receive the reminder.

Our office also recently purchased a new system to speed up the process of submitting insurance claims.

We have graduated from the slow system of mailing insurance claims and preauthorization requests to a new electronic system.

Preauthorization requests that previously took weeks to process can now be accepted or denied in a few hours or a few days, which is good news for patients waiting for procedures.

The new system allows our staff to easily file insurance claims through multiple companies with one login. Insurance claims that previously took up to four weeks by mail are typically now completed within two weeks electronically.

Our new system also cuts down on the chance that insurance claims would get “lost in the mail” and provides electronic tracking of all pending requests.

We are happy with these recent technological advances in our patient services, and we hope you are, too.

If you have any questions or concerns about our recent updates, please give us a call at (308) 995-5331.