Tooth around root

It’s ironic that wisdom teeth would erupt in the mouth at the same time that teenagers are also full of wisdom – between the ages 14-18!

Putting teen jokes aside, it is important to carefully watch the growth of wisdom teeth (or third molars) during that time because 75-85 percent of people don’t have room for these last molars in their mouths. The teeth can become impacted if there’s not enough room to erupt, or they can become easily decayed because they are in a hard place to brush and floss.

Dr. Grant Hinze said that removing wisdom teeth early is the best option.

“It’s much easier to remove them before the entire root is formed,” Dr. Hinze said.

Once the root is formed, it could wrap around the nerve that extends from the brain to the lips along the lower jawline. Once the root gets too close to that nerve, any dental procedures could affect that nerve and possibly cause a permanent numb lip.

That’s why Dr. Hinze recommends that teens visit him regularly to monitor the growth of wisdom teeth. Removing them at age 18 is much easier than at age 30.

Dr. Hinze is a pro at removing wisdom teeth and performs the procedure on a weekly basis. Wisdom tooth removal generally takes about 30 minutes and is done under local anesthesia. Dr. Hinze recommends wisdom tooth removal on one side at a time so that patients don’t lose feeling on their entire tongue and risk choking. The recovery period lasts about three to five days.

During the recovery time, it’s important that patients avoid drinking from straws or smoking so they don’t develop painful dry sockets.

Summer is a great time to schedule wisdom teeth removal, especially for college students. Patients will need a few days of rest and some TLC from mom or dad as they recover.

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